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Everyday Chic: The Lingerie Dilemma and the Quest for Effortless Style.

Picking an outfit in the morning is like trying to solve a complicated puzzle for us girls. We're factoring in everything from our mood to the weather and what we've got planned for the evening. And let's not forget the hassle of finding the right lingerie for each outfit! When we're in a rush, we usually end up grabbing the comfiest option, even if it's not the sexiest one. But what if there was lingerie that could handle all these morning dramas? What if we could feel comfy and stylish all day long without any extra effort? That's where Vivi Leigh London comes in - making sure you stay effortlessly chic and cozy, no matter what the day throws at you!

Lingerie, the very first thing we put on, shapes our mood and the narrative of the day ahead. With Vivi Leigh, you can expect to exude confidence on those days when you're taking charge, with zero cares given.

The Brand

Inspired by the effortless cool of urban London, Vivi Leigh London is redefining lingerie with a focus on minimalism and contemporary design. Our brand is committed to providing women with elegant yet comfortable lingerie that effortlessly transitions from everyday wear to moments of allure and confidence.

We effortlessly blend urban edge with delicate charm, mirroring London's dynamic spirit.

Our lingerie collection is designed for mix-and-match versatility, allowing you to curate a style that's uniquely yours.

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Maintaining versatility and functionality in our products is of paramount importance. Our underwear serves as your everyday companion, while the accessories add a fashionable touch to amplify your look when you're feeling extra. Every product is crafted with care in small batches right here in England, using delicate transparent mesh and silk. We've assembled them with 24K gold-plated hardware, all sourced from local suppliers. The delicate elastic detail serves both as a design feature and enhances adjustability for a perfect fit.

At Vivi Leigh London, we believe elegance lies in simplicity. Our collection showcases soft fabrics, smooth lines, and subtle details, resulting in an understated and effortlessly chic look that transcends the ordinary.


Vivi Leigh London proudly announces that all our lingerie is meticulously crafted in Britain.

We are committed to sustainability and ethical practices. We use planet-friendly materials, such as natural fibres that are biodegradable or reused (sourced where possible from dead-stock suppliers to keep them from landfills). Our manufacturers are based in the UK and Europe, selected due to their values matching ours. With intentional design that celebrates slow fashion, our focus is on limiting pollution through smart design choices.

We purposefully utilise a smaller range of materials which help to minimise waste in the manufacturing process, while also giving you the freedom to mix and match pieces to suit your individual style. Whether you prefer bold designs or understated elegance, our collections offer something for every taste and preference.

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The Founder

Vivi Leigh London was created by Arena Page, a technical designer with over 11 years of experience in the luxury and couture fashion world. Her journey led her to work with some of the industry's finest, but the pandemic brought about significant changes in her life. A senior role at a major fashion house turned into a closed door, and her 15-year marriage also came to an end. Amidst the uncertainty, a new mission emerged.

Arena decided to start her own brand to grant her the freedom to contribute to the world in better ways. Her vision is to positively transform the fashion industry and inspire others to do the same. She aims to build a company that is firmly rooted in sustainability and ethics, working to champion the well-being of our planet and its people.

Vivi Leigh came into existence out of Arena's personal need for lingerie that seamlessly transitioned from working at home to going on a date. With her passion for all things sensual and lingerie, she realised that there was space for a brand that catered to those moments in life when you desire something beyond the usual sexy, underwired, or extravagant statement pieces. She wanted to create something effortless and easy, as she found herself living during the pandemic, in yoga bras while yearning to merge comfort with sexiness.

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