Sustainability is Sexy but Boring... Is That a Thing?

Sustainable Lingerie Brand Vivi Leigh London UK

It’s hard to talk about sustainability in the fashion industry without sounding preachy or, even worse, hopeless. For those of us who are both eco-warriors and worriers, the negative aspects surrounding this topic are all too familiar. The news often paints a grim picture of environmental degradation and unethical practices that seem too vast to combat. Sustainability is sexy but oh so boring. Isn't that the biggest friction we have to overcome as consumers? At what point do we even wonder if the things we buy are sustainable or not? But at Vivi Leigh London, a burgeoning sustainable underwear brand in the UK, we see this conversation differently.

The Vivi Leigh Approach to Sustainability: The Boring (But Critical) Bits:

We believe that you shouldn't even need to worry; ethics should be a given, and that's our mission. Instead of spreading guilt, we want to celebrate the fact that more and more brands are embracing the challenges of sustainability and being part of this movement is what made Vivi Leigh come into this world.

Crafted with Care in Britain:

Every piece of Vivi Leigh lingerie is meticulously crafted right here in the UK. This enables us to produce in small quantities, to reduce waste and our carbon footprint. By keeping production local, we ensure shorter supply chains, which not only minimises environmental impact but also supports our community's economy.

Made to Order:

We love slow fashion and know you do too. Making a stand for quality over quantity through thoughtful production, with only a minor downside, needing to wait a little longer to get your hands on the new purchase. 

A Symphony of Style and Sustainability:

Our collections are based on a focused range of high-quality materials. This approach allows us to maximise the use of those materials to limit the wastage that tends to happen with materials being overproduced. This is intentional to design the mix and match styles for you to create your own look, knowing that each piece is part of a larger, planet-friendly puzzle.

Considering the Lifecycle of Your Lingerie:

In our journey towards a more sustainable future, it’s crucial to consider not just how we make our lingerie, but also what happens once it becomes a part of your life. As with all things, lingerie doesn’t last forever. But the good news? You can significantly extend the life of your favourite pieces by following a few best practices for their care.

This is why we've put together a comprehensive Care Guide, to help you keep your Vivi Leigh pieces in pristine condition for as long as possible. It's about more than just maintaining the luxurious feel and fit of our lingerie; it's about cultivating a mindset of care, respect, and longevity towards everything we own.

Passion for ethics is always sexy!

At Vivi Leigh London, we don’t just create lingerie; we weave a narrative of respect, care, and love—not only for the world we live in but for the bodies that inhabit it. Our commitment is to honour the earth and celebrate you.

This isn't just about being better consumers; it's about being part of a movement that cherishes every thread, every stitch that comes together to not just cover, but to express and empower. It’s about recognising that our choices can help heal the planet, and in doing so, heal parts of ourselves. Each piece of our lingerie is a testament to what we stand for—a bridge between what is seen and what is felt.

Join us in this heartfelt pursuit where passion for fashion meets compassion for the environment. Together, we can create a world where every choice is an echo of our values, and every outfit tells a story of conscious connection. We invite you to wear Vivi Leigh not just as a brand, but as a statement of your own commitment to these ideals, a symbol that you are part of something larger than yourself—a community that believes in the beauty of sustainability.

Welcome to our tribe. Welcome to a future where every thread matters and every choice counts.