"Love Me Tender": Our Guide to Lingerie Care

Hey Lingerie Lovers!

So, you’ve invested in some Vivi Leigh London luxe — smart move! Now, let’s ensure your delicates stay divine with our easy-peasy care guide. It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about a lingerie love affair that lasts. Here’s the lowdown on pampering your pieces:

1. The Gentle Touch

Your lingerie is handmade with love — it needs a gentle hand and a bit of TLC. Treat it to a cool-water caress with a mild detergent. Silk can shrink and discolour if washed in hot water. Think of it as a refreshing dip in a serene lake rather than a soak in a hot bath.

2. No Twists, No Shouts

Wringing out your lingerie? Nope, that’s a no-go. It’s the silent treatment here — a soft squeeze is all it takes to send those water droplets packing. Remember, treat it with the kindness of a first date every time.

3. Sunbathing, the Silk Way

Drying is an art form. Lay or hang your lingerie in its own special spot, away from direct sunlight (silk is a bit shy of tanning). It's like giving your lingerie its own shaded sun-bed to stretch out and relax.

4. Iron? Iron Who?

Keep the iron at bay — this isn’t a job for heavy metal. If you must banish a crease or two, a gentle steam will do the trick, keeping everything smooth and serene.

5. Storage Savvy

When it’s time to tuck your treasures away, think Marie Kondo meets luxury boutique. Fold them neatly, give them room to breathe, and they’ll be ready to impress every time you reach for them.

6. Rotation is Key

Rotate your lingerie like a DJ spins records. Giving each piece its time to shine (and time to rest) will extend its life and keep the party going.

And there you have it — the Vivi Leigh way to keep your lingerie looking and feeling as fabulous as the day you met. Follow these simple steps, and you'll enjoy a beautiful relationship with your lingerie for seasons to come.

Stay chic, stay sleek, and above all, stay silky!