vivi leigh london luxury lingerie brand sustainable sheer crop top with mesh gloves and harness

Bras & Tops

Check out Vivi Leigh London's range of bras and tops, where we're flipping the script on traditional lingerie.

Our bras are a shoutout to the sustainably minded and the fashion-forward. Think strappy designs, luxurious silk jersey, and the big plus – no underwires in sight. We're all about giving you that urban edge with a conscious twist. Each bra is crafted right here in Britain, proving that great style can go hand-in-hand with ethical practices. Whether you're layering up for a day in the city or lounging at home, these bras are your new besties. They're not just comfy; they're designed to make you feel like a boss, with every strap and stitch. So if you're ready to up your bra game with something that's kind on the planet and cool in design, you're in the right place.

Vivi Leigh London's got you covered with bras that are all about making sustainable, made-in-Britain style the new everyday luxury.